Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pulling out ? Hold on! - Tay Tian Yan From The Malaysian Insider

Terbaca komen dibawah di dalam The Malaysian Insider, Menarik untuk dihalusi mengenai kematangan berpolitik.


JULY 4 — Wanna kill Pakatan Rakyat just because of an abattoir?

If DAP could pull out from the Pakatan state government in Kedah this easily, very soon we will see PKR pulling out from the Penang state government as well.

Next, perhaps PAS will withdraw from Selangor state government, and then Perak... Oh, no more Perak now!

I am just trying to say, if all these are changed to BN state governments, then there would be nothing else to argue about!

This is not meant to poke fun at anyone. As a matter of fact, DAP and PKR are fighting tooth and nail within the Penang state government. In Selangor, PAS and PKR are trying to pull each other's leg...

Where this is concerned, Pakatan is a long way behind BN.

This is a question of political maturity.

The science of political management is not unlike corporate management. We need to have truly forward-looking and open-minded managers, sound internal communication and coordination, as well as mutual understanding among all the constituents.

If the purchasing and production departments within a company do not like each other, could the purchasing department say it wants to pull out from the company and become an independent entity?

A matured way of dealing with such matters is consultation. What does the production department really want? And what must the purchasing department supply to it?

Back to the question of the abattoir. I have studied very carefully what both sides have said and conclude that both have their points as well as unfounded arguments.

The PAS state government says the abattoir has no operation permit and is therefore illegally run. As if that is not enough, residue from the abattoir (you know what I mean) has not been disposed of properly over the years and some has even been dumped into the river, much to the disgust of the Muslim residents.

The municipal council has ordered the abattoir's closure, while the state government has given a grace period. The abattoir will only be closed after it stops its operation upon expiry of the grace period.

The state government has identified a suitable site at Kampung Cina, Pendang, for a new abattoir.

Now the other side of the story.

DAP has not refuted PAS's accusations on the hygiene of the abattoir as well as the religious complications. Nevertheless, it says the state government should not tear down the abattoir before a new one has been built.

To be fair, if the abattoir creates environmental pollution and has a direct impact on the life and feelings of Muslim residents, then it should be relocated.

DAP and the Chinese community must not defend or oppose blindly whenever an issue involving "pigs" is encountered. They must calmly assess the situation and see whether their move is reasonable.

It should be everyone's understanding that an illegal abattoir creating environmental pollution and religious sensitivity should not remain. That said, to provide a suitable site as soon as possible that meets the hygiene requirements is the obligation of the state government.

If both sides have the same common understanding and are keen to hammer out the right solution through negotiation, then this whole incident will not have taken place at all.

Even as the abattoir has been demolished, the Pakatan state government must still go on! — mysinchew

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