Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Original People and Original Ideas

It was a historic day, I think… well, for me at least. I started the initiative and this is the end result. It was after my 50th birthday, when I started thinking about what I must do before ‘leaving’. Not that it’s that important, but, as they say ‘The tiger dies leaving his stripes, a man dies leaving his name.’ I have thought about being a passive supporter, but it’s not me. I have always been an active something. I think I have ADD, attention deficit syndrome. Wait. That’s for kids, but then again I am a kid. I think I’ll try this again.

It was a historic day for Kerdau. For the first time since a very, very long time, a new party was born here. Before us, it’s the usual fare of UMNO… well, you know the rest. At first I was excited. By 8.30 pm, only two were present. Only ten minutes later three more arrived. Then Haji Suhaimi and his partner Man Kadir appeared at my gate. The meeting was held at my house of course.

Haji Suhaimi Said or Aji, was his usual self, a picture of optimism. He was the DUN Jenderak candidate but lost to Mohamad Jaafar of BN by a constricting majority. Aji told me he had only a few weeks to get working. If only… Anyway, he was happy at the number of those wanting to join PKR. Eventhough, there were only eleven (I think) people, but they were the brave ones. Not many dare to be out in the open.

We asked Aji a few questions that’s been niggling in our minds, like the special rights to the Malays issue or the latest news about certain controversies happening right now. Aji was all too happy to share his ideas and answered all the questions. We only had air kosong for our ‘jamuan ringan’.

Finally, the meeting ended with nobody holding any posts. We have to find 19 more people to be valid. So, it is not there yet, the establishment of Parti Keadilan Rakyat in Kerdau. However, people are aware of our presence. We are like the cili padi, the hottest chilly but yet the littlest. Or so we think.

To me, it was established already by the presence of the soul embodying the intention. Good luck to us.

p.s. my being partisan in one party, would not stop my neutral stance in reporting. i hope so. that is what i aim to do and be.

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