Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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Selamat Cari Makan,Rais Yatim

The decision by the Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture to take out advertisements in various MSM papers was highly unprecedented. They of course exposed the balding stupidity of the minister who has a penchant for burning bridges and changing mode and at once give new meaning to the term sycophantic groveling.
I mean, it's a sad spectacle to see an out-of-age group person having to bend backwards and is always seeking to find ways in making the boss thinks he is relevant. Many many years ago, when he was a leading member of Parti Semangat 46 and was hanging by the financial coattails of Tengku Razaleigh, he went on TV to accuse Rahmah Othman a former minister, as having prostituted herself. Well today, the same description comes back to haunt not Rahmah Othman, but the minister himself. He doesn't know it yet, but he is being called Doctor Pimp.
This is precisely the behavior by UMNO leadership that causes it to be estranged further from the Malay base. It was the reason why in 2008, more Malays did not vote for UMNO candidates. The people are just fed up of leadership by arrogance that has permeated every sinew and bone of UMNO politics.
The advertisements carried out exposed more than what they intended- revealing that all this time, UMNO as leader of the government of the day, manages this country's assets and resources on the basis of political expediencies. It governs not on the basis of what is right, but on the plusses and minusses of political opportunism.
As a result, it places whole people at ransom and at the mercy of the government who continues ruling with the old school ideology, which holds that the future and welfare of a whole group of people depend on its benevolence. This is precisely the ideology that stunts the mental development of Malays rather than uplifts them.
People are just fed up with the self proclaimed manifest destiny of people like Rais Yatim who behaved as though Malaysians, Malays and non Malays alike; owe him and this government their living. Further in doing so, people are expected to tolerate and accommodate stupidities, bullying and so forth as necessary evils. He and his like minded friends are greatly mistaken.
They do to some extent but not without demanding this government or any government for that matter qualifies itself to have earned the approval of the people.
How so or on what terms? Rais Yatim and the relics in UMNO belonged to the group of leadership that fights on values that are no longer relevant today. These values include raw an unqualified Malay interests, of things couched in language more suitable to take on colonialism which is nonexistent today.
Today's values that motivate the people of Malaysia have everything to do with- doing what is right, with good governance, with stemming corruption and crushing inefficiencies and kicking out bully tactics of any government. A government failing to recognize new values and priorities demanded by people is going to lose relevance.
The contradictions unintentionally exposed by such old tech instruments of communications are amply written elsewhere. I shall not repeat them here. The advertisements display nothing but crude bully tactics that has become hallmarks of people like Rais Yatim.
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